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What is NPK on fertilizers and nutrients and why is it important?
The three main nutrients that have been identified as absolutely necessary for plants are nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K).
Nitrogen (N) is probably the most widely recognized nutrient, known primarily for its ability to “green up” lawns. Nitrogen mainly affects vegetative growth and general health.
Phosphorus (P) is important for healthy roots and is used more heavily during blooming and seed set.
Potassium (K), sometimes known as potash, is important for general health of plants. It is key in the formation of chlorophyll and other plant compounds. Potassium is also known to help with disease resistance.
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The Secret Jardin DARKROOM 3.0 DR240W professional grow tent features robust construction with the best reflective Mylar and tear-proof canvas. A removable water tray helps reduce wear on the grow tent floor. Multiple socks and windows provide plenty of access for ventilation and cables, accommodating all configurations. DR240W includes an exhaustive set of accessories including CableIT clips, PocketIT, HookIT, StrapIT, Space Booster, and WebIT.
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