Botanicare CNS17 Coco Bloom, 1-Quart


  • 1-Quart
  • Coco or Soil
  • 2-2-5

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CNS17 Bloom 2-2-5 coco and soil formula have been formulated for use mainly with coir fiber as the growing substrate but are suitable for use in most substrates. Coco and soil are designed with high calcium levels and provide a full spectrum of elements for a wide range of vegetables and flowering plants. It is considered a professional strength, stand alone nutrient that can be used in conjunction with supplements if desired. The chelates contained in Bloom 2-2-5 coco and soil aid in the absorption of trace elements such as iron, manganese and zinc. Balanced with proper nutrient ions for plant metabolism, Coco and soil both do what virtually no other single part nutrient can provide a broad spectrum of elements for your plants.

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