NanoZzz Sleep Shot 2oz – Dreamberry Flavor


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2 FL OZ I 60 ml
Night Time Rest Shot
Dreamberry Flavor
Natural sleep ingredients including adaptagenic herbs and phytocannabi_noids specialy formulated to help relax and ease individuals who need that “extra” push getting to sleep.
Take one NanoZzz shot approx. 30 minutes before you want to slip off into some well-deserved sleep {although individual times may vary). Our natural sleep ingredients are designed to help relax you, and ease you into blissful sleep.
So you can get to sleep, but can’t stay there? Try keeping a bottle of NanoZzz by your bed. When you wake up during the night, drink down your delicious bedside treat. NanoZzz’s Heneplex? and adaptogenic herb natural blend is designed to help get you back to sleep, usually within 20 to 40 minutes … NoTV required!


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