One Love Cold Brew Tea Infuser Bottle 20oz


  • Cold Brew Tea Infuser Bottle
  • Made with BPA Free quality plastic
  • Easy to use
  • Can be used hot or cold
  • Holds 20 fl oz

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The One Love Tea Infuser Bottle enables you to enjoy the goodness of freshly brewed iced tea, always at hand, no matter how busy your day. Don’t compromise quality for convenience: you can have both!

One Love Teas are specially designed to be able to be brewed hot or cold. For iced tea there is now no need to make hot tea and add ice. Simply unscrew the bottom portion of the bottle to get access to the stainless steel infuser basket, add the required amount of tea. Turn the bottle over to add water. To make iced tea just add cold water to your bottle and wait about 30 minutes. Because the tea is brewed cold, and the leaves are immersed in the tea, water can be added throughout the day and you can continue drinking without losing flavor.

The One Love Tea Infuser Bottle can also be used for infusing water with fruit or herbs.

The bottle is made from BPA-free plastic and holds 20 fl. oz. It does not leak and even has a clip so you can attach it to your belt, or purse.

The tea infuser bottle is dishwasher safe: all pieces come apart to place in the dishwasher.

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